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How to Put on the ThrowMAX

Video link how to put on the ThrowMAX for overhand throwing: 



Overhand Instruction
              Step 1 - loop the straps through the buckles and slide the brace up the arm.
* Note - make sure that when the brace is being put on the arm that the small, thin bar is on the outside of the body see close up below.
  Step 2 - position the brace so that the small thin bar is just above the point in the elbow. Various adjustments will have to be made since all arms are different.
* Note - Refer to close -up below
  Step 3 - That's it!!! When the brace is on correctly, the wide bar that is on the inside of the arm should be the only bar flexing and the other 2 are stabilizing.
* Note - refer to close-up below
                      The two bars on the out side of the arm remain straight with the bar in the crease of the arm flexing                  
                      Small Thin bar above elbow                      
Underhand Instruction
          With a quick and simple adjustment, the ThrowMAX becomes the perfect tool for teaching fastpitch pitchers.            
            Step 1 - loosen the velcro straps and slide the brace around so that the middle of the middle bar is hovering above the middle of the crease in the arm - opposite side of the elbow     Step 2 - Tighten the straps and you're ready to throw.
refer to picture to the right see exactly where the brace is positioned on the arm
Notice how the middle bar is not actually touching the arm - rather just above it


Warm up with the ThrowMAX even if you have been throwing already. You will be using muscles and tendons in a different way than before. Do not throw as hard as you can until you build up your muscles to the new motion. Wear the ThrowMAX only when playing baseball or softball. The ThrowMAX was designed for throwing a ball. The ThrowMAX is not intended for other activities. If the arm begins to feel numb loosen straps. The straps should not be so tight they restrict blood flow. If your arm starts hurting, Quit throwing and remove arm brace. Tell your coach or parent your arm hurts. Never continue throwing with a sore arm. Do not ride a bike while wearing the ThrowMAX. Do not wear to bed.