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       Jeff Cirillo demonstration 90 degree arm angle with ThrowMAX

ThrowMAX 90 degree angle on Jeff Cirillo

Jeff Cirillo Demonstrating high cocked arm throwing position with ThrowMAX image.

Jeff Cirillo demonstrating the High Cocked Arm Position wearing a ThrowMAX





Jeff Cirillo image showing arm cocking external rotation with horizontal shoulder adduction wearing the ThrowMAX


This a great photo showing the shoulder leading the elbow as thrower starts to square to the target. The elbow is bent approximately 90 degrees although it appears to be bent greater. The elbow appears to be bent greater than 90 degrees due to the horizontal shoulder adduction during this phase of the throw... The elbow is behind a straight line drawn aligning both shoulders.


 ThrowMAX and Jeff Cirrillo demonstrating arm cocking

 external rotation with horizontal shoulder adduction phase

of throw.


Jeff Cirillo demostating maximum external shoulder rotation with throwmax image


Jeff Cirillo wearing a ThrowMAX demonstarting 

maximum external shoulder rotation durnin a throw.

jeff cirillo arm exceleration phase of throwing

Jeff Cirillo demonstarting the Arm Exceleration phase

of a throw.